Mastering The Shakespeare Audition

Mastering the Shakespeare Audition: It’s an Actor’s Secret Weapon…

‘Mastering the Shakespeare Audition’ is the only book of its kind on the market – fusing time-tested techniques with contemporary technology to help any actor conquer what is widely considered to be the most daunting monologue of all. Now, in just thirty-five concentrated hours, any actor can learn how to select the right material, follow a detailed practice plan, and perform it with confidence -- all timed down to the last second…

Mastering The Shakespeare Audition

‘Mastering the Shakespeare Audition’, from Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, is available now:
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(It's An Actor's Secret Weapon)

From repertory companies to drama schools, the requirement to perform a Shakespeare monologue is an important challenge in most actors’ lives.  But after many years of watching Shakespeare monologue auditions, I’ve come to believe that most actors have no idea where to start in preparing a Shakespeare audition speech.

Many audition preparation books advise actors to find a monologue that suits their casting and practice, practice, practice…. but if you don’t know all of Shakespeare’s plays, how do you find the piece that suits you best?  Of course you expect to practice, but are all rehearsal methods really equal in terms of making you feel both confident and prepared?

No book can make you a great actor.  But Mastering the Shakespeare Audition will make you the best actor you can be right now in performance.  Drawing on contemporary research on how we learn, and using technology, the book sets out the clearest possible programme – from vocal technique to choosing the right material to rehearsing in most the effective and efficient ways – all in a carefully timed set of exercises.

You only need 35 concentrated hours for the first speech you prepare with this method - after that (because you’ve already acquired the fundamental skills) you only need 22 hours, making the book an extremely laser-focused resource you can call on even at short notice. It’s the perfect guide for all skill levels, from those looking to land a place in drama school all the way to those auditioning for professional repertory companies.

Mastering the Shakespeare Audition not only shows performers how to focus rehearsal time and spend it well, it works on the premise that the right preparation will always give you a massive confidence boost in performance.  Preparing Shakespeare's texts can be a bit like a literary puzzle, but when you have the right tools, you can create truly compelling work!

The book includes further exercises and practice to help deepen your skills and knowledge once the immediate pressure of auditioning has passed or for those who aren’t in a time-critical situation and just want to extend their experience and practice.