Mastering The Audition

Over the last year I’ve done many workshops based on the book in England and Scotland and if you’re interested in arranging a workshop please get in touch!


(How To Perform Under Pressure)

Frustrating, nerve-wracking, job-winning or job-losing, flawed yet necessary - auditioning is a maddening business for everyone involved. The people behind the audition desk are looking for a killer audition (often under tremendous pressure), but most of the auditionees walk into the room feeling nervous, unprepared, and unable to control their own performance.

Although the idea of creating 'winning performance strategies' is common in business and sports studies, no one has ever really attempted to bring the psychology of creating a winning performance to a book on auditioning.

Drawing on some fascinating, cutting-edge research into how the brain copes and responds in high-stress situations, Mastering the Audition looks closely at the effects of fear, at our flawed ability to assess or really know ourselves, at what really drives us, and at what it really takes to master the audition experience. This book helps you hone your performing skills and develop the mental toughness that can keep you going through the inevitable ups and downs of the audition process. Where other books advise you to 'be confident' and 'be prepared', Mastering the Audition tells you exactly HOW.

Amazon Reviews:

"I'm using it now! Off to an audition as we speak and feeling calm and collected. It's changed the way I think about auditions and the way I think about myself as an actor."

“This book worked wonders for me.”